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No one gets in to the restaurant or bar industry to crunch numbers. It is a field full of passion, creativity, hospitality, energy, and human interaction. Translating even the most creative concept, delicious recipes, and welcoming vibe in to a well run business that puts money in the bank can be a challenge. Our Monthly Strategic Business Review is specifically designed to free up your time to be better spent taking care of your guests and your team, while providing the peace of mind that you are in full control of your numbers. We provide you with the targeted data and strategic guidance you need to make informed operational decisions to maximize guest experience, revenue, and profitability. Best of all there is no long term contract, so you get total flexibility and zero risk. 

We help you run your business, so your business doesn't run you.

What You Can Expect Each Month

Written Analysis

Based on the in depth review of your operating financials, the written overview discusses where your restaurant is financially today and compares the results to past months as well as competitive benchmarks. This and the Action Plan are provided within one week of receipt of the month end financials.

Strategic Action Plan

Learnings from the operating financials will inform the Strategic Action Plan for the upcoming month to address the top 3 priorities that will have the largest impact on the business. It will include concrete actions to take with timelines, and will estimate the impacts of those actions to revenue and profit of your restaurant. 

1:1 Review and Q&A

Any time after the receipt of the written analysis and action plan, you will be able to schedule a one hour Zoom call at your convenience to review and discuss the observations, action plan, and financial projections for the upcoming month. This can be attended by up to three people from your team.

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Who We Are

With an average of 30 years of industry specific experience from dish pit to C-Suite with operating, developing, owning, managing, and turning around restaurants, we partner with you to control every aspect of the financial health of your restaurant. We are not CPAs specializing in tax preparation and corporate financials who have never run a successful restaurant. We are restaurant operations and profitability experts who know restaurant financials and the daily operational actions that impact them intimately. Our knowledge and modern systems help you turn your passion for food, drink, and hospitality in to a well run and profitable business. We believe in being an expert in one thing rather than something for everyone. The same way you specialize in one type of cuisine, we specialize in keeping you in control of the key financials of your business and the operational actions that impact them. Our hospitality DNA translates to creating an amazing experience for you- our guest.

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