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  • Your restaurant is losing money month after month no matter how much you market or how much you cut expenses, and your anxiety is through the roof.
Stop what you are doing right now.

The Successful Restaurant Accelerator Program is a comprehensive proven  path to regain focus and control of your restaurant while transforming your marketing, sales, cost management, and guest experience to supercharge your revenue and profit. 

  • 8 Weeks of Online Group Coaching Sessions
  • Peer Support Group (Spam Free)
  • Direct Message Access to Coaches
  • Revenue Accelerator Foundational Course

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Before you get started with your weekly group coaching we begin with the Foundational Alignment Course to jump start your transformation


6 Steps to Supercharge Your Revenue.


The 3 Ways to Increase Revenue

There are only 3 ways to increase restaurant revenue. Learn what they are, how each is different, and use the Revenue Equation to define your priority revenue levers.


Ideal Guest Alignment (I.G.A.)

Your ideal guest may not be who you think. Discover who your real ideal guest is, how their restaurant buying decision preferences impact you, and learn why aligning with them is the key to supercharging your revenue.


Driving Revenue

Learn step by step specifics of how to use IGA to drive all three of the restaurant revenue levers to have the most impact on your specific business, and how to track progress in each area.


Strategic Cost Management

We’ll show you how to use IGA to spend less while increasing guest satisfaction and taking great care of your team.


Smart Marketing

Learn how to use IGA to level up your marketing and increase ROI without spending additional money, and while decreasing the overall need for marketing over time.


Modern Hiring

Hiring can be a challenge, but we will show you how you can attract and retain the best team to make the most of your revenue.

How Can I Help You Transform Your Struggling Restaurant?

I'm Eric Turner. the founder of The Successful Restaurant. I've been in hospitality for over 35 years, and what I've discovered is

"the key to a Successful Restaurant, no matter your concept, cuisine, or price point, lies in understanding and aligning with your ideal guest, paired with preparation, ongoing support, and the willingness to put in the work." 

After years of consulting for restaurants in nearly every market and concept imaginable, I realized that while half of my work was launching and advising some of the most successful restaurants in the country, the other half of my work was fixing broken and misaligned restaurants that were working so hard, but just barely staying open. 

I wanted them to have my proven system to save years of stress, suffering, and financial loss without spending tens of thousands of dollars on expensive consulting.

My mission is to help people fix their broken businesses that never had to be broken in the first place.

"Eric is so good at reading between the lines to identify what will have the most impact, and breaking it down to simple actions. The best in the business."

- K.M

"We refreshed our 15 year old restaurant concept under Eric's guidance. Revenue and profits have never been better, and we are more proud than ever of what we have built."

- D.B.

"Eric's program took me from way over my head to in control of my restaurant. Now I understand and prioritize my ideal guest and the change is unreal."

- C.B.

 Supercharge Your Business

Weekly live group coaching building on the foundational alignment course.

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